Platform Fees

Fees can sometimes overwhelm our clients but we want to remain transparent. Usage charges depend on the number of inbound and outbound communications received by a business in a given month, Our pricing is some of the lowest in the industry and we strive to keep business communication affordable for all parties involved.

Message and Calling Rates are subject to change at any time.


$2 per month per line


$10 with the rates below will produce approximately 665 messages

-Cost Varies by length but averages $0.015-$0.03 per message segment sent/received

-Base cost $0.015 per message segment (Segment is defined as up to 160 standard characters, or up to 70 characters containing emojis)

-Messages longer than 1 Segment will be billed as multiple segments.


$10 with the rates below will send approximately 250 messages or receive 500 messages

-Cost $0.04 to Send, $0.02 to Receive

-Messages sent with a photo can be accompanied by up to 1,600 standard characters without being billed per additional segment like standard SMS


$10 with the rates below will produce approximately 7145 emails

-Cost per email is $0.0014


$10 with the rates below will produce approximately 590 received calls or 385 placed calls

Direct Calling Rates to Ideal™ Number:

-Inbound Calling Cost $0.017/min

-Outbound Calling Cost $0.026/min

-Call Recording Cost $0.0050/min

-Call Recording Storage Cost $0.0010/min per mo

Advanced Calling (Phone Tree/IVR)

$10 with the rates below will produce approximately 233 received calls or 385 placed calls

Phone Tree (IVR) Calling Rates to Ideal™ Number

-Inbound Calling Cost $0.043/min

-Outbound Calling Cost $0.026/min

-Inbound Call Recording Cost $0.01/min

-Outbound Call Recording Cost $0.0050/min

-Inbound Call Recording Storage Cost $.0020/min per mo

-Outbound Call Recording Storage Cost $.0010/min per mo

Cellular Registration

-$60 One-Time Standard Brand Cellular Registration Fee Per Business

-$15 Monthly Campaign Registration Fee for a Standard Brand registration only

-Starter Brand has no registration fees as of April 11, 2022

For more information on Cellular Registration, click here

Latest Updates to Pricing

June 10th, 2021:

-Added "-$0.03" to line two of SMS/Calling pricing to add clarity to the average price range of a single SMS message based on length.

Aug 3, 2021:

-Added Email Pricing information

-Added Examples of Credit Usage based on $5 USD

October 27, 2021:

-Upcoming changes to cellular charges

December 1, 2021:

-Updated email pricing, reflected across all tiers and accounts

February 8, 2022:

-Re-structured pricing display - No Pricing Changes at this time. Added additional clarity, visibility, and information to the charge breakdown for different portions of the platform

-Added Advanced Calling Pricing - No change in price, adding clarity and visibility to the prices already being charged to existing customers for utilizing the phone tree/IVR functionality

April 11, 2022

-Added fees associated to Cellular Registration

✝ Cancel at any time: Ideal does not restrict clients to contracts or obligations beyond the length of their current term. If you are unhappy with your service for any reason, all we ask is that you give us 30-days notice so that we can prepare your account for cancellation. Porting cellular numbers can take several weeks and in the event you wish to take your number(s) with you after you close your account, this process must begin before you discontinue service and your service must remain active until all numbers have successfully ported away from Ideal.

^Ideal does not charge any fees for the processing of any transactions between you and your customers, however, you do pay a processing fee to either Stripe or PayPal (other Payment Processors are upcoming and may be available before this statement is updated) when charging a payment on a customer's credit/debit card which is industry standard. Ideal does not take part in creating your Stripe or PayPal accounts and we do not have the ability to see your financials when your accounts are linked to our application.

**Source: Trulia/Twilio Study:

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